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High precision, large LCD display

It can be updated via PC

Features of the series:

1) 100% tested by the European Central Bank

2) Easy to use: currency (EUR) can be accepted from all directions

3) Currency of detection: EUR local currency

4) Low noise, compact space and no maintence design.

5) Detection speed: <0.5 second / note

6) 2D dimension detection

7) Ultraviolet detection

8) Magnetic ink detection

9) Discussion metal detection

10) Precise infrared detection

11) Count value and denomitation / currency / amount count

12) Power Saving: Automatically turn off the screen backlight after 30 seconds without operation

13) Acoustic alarm

14) Large LCD display with blue backlight 

15) Upgradeable via USB cable (Optional)

16) DC9V power supplies



Product Note Status Price
Rolls Thermal Approved 57,5mm x 20m (50pcs) Rolls Thermal Approved 57,5mm x 20m (50pcs)
Delivery weight: 3.05 kg
57,5mm x 30mt x 50pz 57,5mm x 30mt x 50pz
Delivery weight: 4.7 kg
80mm x 60mt x 50pz 80mm x 60mt x 50pz
Delivery weight: 13 kg
80mm x 80mt x 40pz 80mm x 80mt x 40pz
Delivery weight: 11.85 kg
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